Our Story

We are inseparable best friends who forged our bond during college. The sweet journey of our chocolate business began when I, inspired by a visit to a chocolate factory, called my bestie and proposed the idea of starting our own chocolate venture. With just one month before the big Eid celebration, we swiftly designed the logo, perfected the packaging, and launched our chocolate business, starting with our uniquely shaped cone chocolates.

In a short span, we garnered orders from over 5000 customers and collaborated with various government sectors. Buoyed by our success, we decided to make it official and rebranded our company. Our brand identity is deeply rooted in our friendship, and the idea for our unique chocolate box came from a heartfelt conversation. I expressed to my bestie, "I wish there was something that can show how much I love you, but there is nothing in this world that can show this." That's when we decided to use our chocolate box as a tangible expression of love, more than just a typical chocolate box – it's a manifestation of immeasurable affection.

The rebranding aimed at creating a timeless and youthful look, reflecting modernization and creativity. Each of our products tells a story through art, making it more than just chocolate. It is an experience for those who appreciate art and desire a memorable gift for their loved ones. Our chocolate box is not only luxurious but also serves as a memory box, showcasing the everlasting love from a cherished one.

Our Chocolates:

Crafted with high-quality ingredients, our handmade French chocolates contain less sugar. We offer six delightful flavors, with five being fixed and one changing every month to keep our customers intrigued. The flavors are divided into two categories: modern flavors - caramel, salted caramel, and Roche - and creative flavors - thyme & orange, lotus & raspberry, and the monthly changing flavor, ensuring a constant element of surprise.

The Chocolate Shapes:

Our signature cone-shaped chocolates set us apart, representing our creative identity. We have expanded our repertoire to include two more shapes – the diamond, providing a modern touch, and the pyramid, creatively arranged in our box for a unique presentation.

About the Owners:

Meet Kawther and Zahra, two best friends with a shared passion for chocolate. Both pharmacy graduates, we embarked on this chocolate journey during our final year in college. Like sisters, we spend every day together, driven by the shared vision of making our brand the quintessential Emirati chocolate brand that resonates worldwide.

Kawther, a local Emirati, and Zahra, an Iraqi, draw inspiration from Dubai's commitment to creating memorable experiences. Our dream is to emulate the passion and success of the UAE, making our brand a beacon of Emirati excellence in the world of chocolate.